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Understanding How Your Mind Blocks Intuition and Animal Communication

Understanding How Your Mind Blocks Intuition and Animal Communication

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Keri Davis

Intuitive Energy Reader, Animal Communicator, Healer, and Quantum Physics Enthusiast

Your brain has a mind of its own and is constantly trying to protect you from the scary stuff in life like change, pain, and even growth. But there are things you can do to reprogram the brain to work with you and not against you.

In this special audio Dear Student note, I help you understand why we operate the way we do, why our minds create the limiting beliefs and blocks to things we really want to do and achieve — like animal communication — and how it’s possible to change those beliefs and create a deeper connection to our intuition.

Understanding how your mind blocks intuition and animal communication


A Follow Up Recording

Keri has created a follow-up recording that combines her work and expertise in hypnosis, regression therapy, and the healing vortex to help you break those unhealthy patterns and create new belief systems that will support your communication goals. It’s part of a new way to connect with and support animals on this site and you can listen to the recording here, called Quantum Field Connection Healing Attunement.

Keri Davis

Your Journey Awaits

Experience the profound guidance of Keri Davis, where her wealth of expertise, intuitive abilities, and nurturing support come together to ignite the dormant gifts within you.