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Animal Communication

Welcome to a world where communication transcends the spoken language, and understanding goes beyond mere words.

Listening Beyond Words

In the realm of Animal Communication, I invite you on a journey of profound connection with your beloved companions. 

Animal Communication Sessions

In personalized 1:1 companion conversations, I bridge the gap between you and your pets, providing insights, understanding, and fostering a deeper bond. Whether navigating everyday interactions, addressing end-of-life decisions with compassion, or seeking spirit connections, I seek to offer a unique and empathetic channel for communication.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in regards to my pets has been to call Keri. I have a corn snake who was starving to death yet there was nothing physically wrong. He was skin and bones when I called Keri & by the end of that day he ate! She really helped me to realize just how much our “issues” can affect our animal companions. She helped us both that day & I have utilized her abilities with some of my other pets as well & will continue to do so as long as she’s practicing but I will be forever grateful for the miracle of saving my snake.

Animal Communication

The Dance of Different Worlds

Our animal companions navigate the world through a unique lens, hearing with their hearts, feeling with their bodies, and interpreting with their senses. They operate on instinct and pick up on the intention and energy behind our words. As humans, we often live by rules, beliefs, and expectations, creating a potential for disconnect. Can you sense the gap?

Sacred Kinship

Vibrational Texting Unveiled

Communicating with animals through telepathy and energy transcends these challenges. By speaking the language of vibrations, we reach a deeper level of understanding. This form of communication not only helps us comprehend our cherished companions better but also allows them to feel truly heard. Through Vibrational Texting, we can release frustrations, dissolve aggression, and cultivate a new relationship grounded in mutual respect, trust, and love.

Meet Your Guides

In the world of pure communication, animals often become our guides, reflecting our own energies and emotions. As sensitive beings, they mirror our fears, beliefs, and conditionings. By understanding their behaviour, they transform into powerful teachers, guiding us through the filter of unconditional love. They remind us that who we are “being” is far more significant than what we are “doing.”

Sacred Kinship Wolf

Keri Davis

How I Can Be Of Service

With over two decades of experience as an animal communicator, I step into the role of messenger, translator, and mediator between you and your animal companions. Whether through phone, digital communication platforms, or a distance energy connection, I ensure that everyone is heard, understood, and an integral part of the conversation. 

Specialty Areas

Delve into the thoughts and feelings of your animal friends with Companion Conversations, navigate difficult times with grace and understanding in an End of Life session, and connect with animals who have crossed over into spirit with Spirit Connections.


Uncover the thoughts and feelings of your animal friends.
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End of

Navigate difficult times with grace and understanding.
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Communicate with animals who have crossed over into spirit.
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You are amazing! You totally knew what I was all about, what my life purpose was and also let me know that my dog Colbey had the same power to help others and that we should work together as a team. I never would have thought of that – Colbey is so hyper that it never occurred to me she could channel her energies and focus. A whole new world is opening up. Thank you Keri! Looking forward to working with you and moving in the direction I need to.

Keri Davis

Unlock the Language of Love

Discover the profound joy of connecting with your animal companions on a level that goes beyond words. Transform your relationship, heal emotional wounds, and strengthen the unspoken bond that ties your hearts together.