Keri Davis

From Quantum Creativity to Holistic Mastery: Meet Keri Davis, Your Intuitive Guide to Transformation

Keri Davis

Your Guide to Quantum Healing and Empowerment

Welcome to the heart-centered world of Keri Davis, a multifaceted practitioner blending intuition, energy healing, and a profound connection to animals in her transformative approach.

With a rich background as an Intuitive Energy Reader,  Healer, Animal Communicator, Neuro Change Master Practitioner, Certified Interspecies Life Awareness Coach, and enthusiast in Quantum Physics, Keri invites you to explore the realms of self-discovery, healing, and deep intuitive connections.

A Journey Rooted in Quantum Creativity

Keri’s unique and intuitive empowerment provides a safe haven for heart-forward individuals, offering a space to expand and reconnect with their innate intuitive nature and personal power.

Drawing from over 30 years of experience, Keri seamlessly integrates her extensive studies in energy healing, quantum physics, psychic-mediumship development, animal communication, and hypnosis, creating a transformative and creative space for healing where quantum physics meets intuition.

Keri’s gift of animal communication is one of the single most effective and purest ways to discover the truth, for both animals and their humans. She has successfully worked several times with my cat Sunshine, but one particular time stands out as indicative of the power of this work. She communicated with my cat to glean information for me on how best to approach an extremely sensitive family situation. I used the information provided and was astounded at the outcome. Everyone was empowered and able to move forward without hurt, recrimination or pain – just peace knowing what was best for all.

Passion for Sacred Connections

Keri’s journey is deeply entwined with her “heart n soul,” fueled by a passion for creating sacred connections across all forms of life. Her approach seamlessly blends science and consciousness, providing a unique and transformative space for healing.

Keri’s commitment to empowering others is rooted in her own transformative experiences. Channeling her sensitivity into strength, she invites you to discover your inner power and the healing potential of deep, intuitive connections. As a lifelong learner and curious spirit, Keri extends an invitation to explore and unlock the possibilities within.

Training & Credentials

All of that deep experience, expansive expertise, and rich knowledge has brought me here, to this moment, to create something magical with you. And my goal, as always, is to take the “woo-woo” out of it all so that you can actually understand it, resonate with it, and use it to help transform your situation or life.

  • Extensive training with the Institute of Integrated Sciences (Humans Understanding Nature and Animals program — HUNA™)
  • Past faculty mentor at Quantum University
  • Trained in numerous energy healing modalities, including quantum biofeedback, PSYCH-K, Dr. Mona Lisa’s Intuitive Intensive Academy series, NLP, quantum physics, body talk, fast thinking – new brain research, meridian system, colour therapy, hypnosis, aromatherapy, astrology, acupuncture, channeling, iridology, radionics, and more
  • Masters in Natural Medicine – based in Quantum Physics – Current
  • Mind mapping – Neurofeedback certification – 2015
  • Bachelors in Holistic Health Sciences – 2014
  • Certified Neuro Change Master Practioner
  • Numerous trainings and development in mediumship
  • Interpersonal Neuro Biology
  • Longtime co-host of Sacred Animal Voices radio show (currently on hiatus)
  • Multiple-time guest on All Paws Pet Animal Radio, The Bob Charles Show, Soul’s Journey Radio, and Soul Work on Shaw Cable TV
  • Featured in the book, Saving Sadie
Keri Davis

Sacred Kinship

A snapshot of my life’s work and personal journey

It is dedicated to my beloved dog, life partner, and teacher, Mukluk. I call him my little Wizard. Even though he couldn’t see or hear, he lived life FULL OUT. He taught me all about energy healing, deep listening, unconditional love, exploration, and never giving up! I miss you bud!

Mukluks Magic Mentoring

Mukluk became my mirror, reflecting back to me the toxic effects of my relationships and my work in the corporate world.

When I saw how my choices adversely affected him, I realized how badly I was treating myself. He inspired me to make different, healthier choices and see life in new ways. He propelled me into the world of energy healing with the ferocity of a mad scientist. I wanted to know and truly understand the physics of consciousness and healing.

Along this path, I finally discovered a community that spoke my language: Quantum Physics, Neurosciences, Consciousness, Healing Sciences, Animal Communication, RTT. Yes, I finally found my tribe, the place I belong. And I haven’t looked back.

In my journey to find me and where I belong in this life, I have had to dig deep and let go of years of imposed and self-imposed beliefs – and all the trappings of trying to “fit it” and belong.

And with the new me, I have found a sense of purpose and discovered a world of extreme clarity. I love how empowering it is to make different choices now that I understand the inner workings of the mind, brain, and connection to intuition and healing. Helping others to do the same is one of my greatest joys.

Commitment to Making a Difference

Advocacy & Community Service

Beyond her professional expertise, Keri is a compassionate advocate for animal welfare and community service. Her volunteer work with the SPCA includes significant animal rescues, highlighting her dedication to both animals and community support. Contributing to equine therapy for special needs children and supporting seniors with special needs, Keri’s commitment extends to creating positive impacts in various spheres.

Keri Davis

Embark on Your Healing Journey

Explore the possibilities within the realms of science, consciousness, and profound connections that shape our lives. Whether seeking intuitive insights, energy healing, or transformative guidance, Keri invites you to embrace your journey of healing and self-discovery.