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Welcome to a unique space where the unspoken can be expressed, and understanding flourishes.

Sacred Kinship

Unveil the Language of Understanding

Whether you’re navigating behavioural challenges, unraveling relationship complexities, or simply seeking a deeper understanding, I am here to facilitate a conversation where anything can be discussed.

Unlock the rich tapestry of emotions and shared experiences with your beloved animal companions, enhancing the quality of your relationship and providing support during significant life moments.

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Keri Davis

How I Can Be Of Service

I am your guide, your translator, and your mediator in conversations that go beyond words. I work with you in facilitating meaningful connections with your animal companions, helping you understand their thoughts and emotions on a deeper level.

Topic Examples where Companion Conversations Can Be Helpful

Thank you for the remarkable session with Willie, our 33-year-old cockatiel. For three months, he struggled to perch and move, leaving us concerned about his well-being. After your session, he cleaned his feet, ate with more enthusiasm, and even moved around to a different spot in the cage, displaying a noticeable improvement. YOU certainly had an affect on him so THANK YOU again for your Great work!!

Sacred Kinship

The Magic of Companion Conversations

Imagine a world where you and your animal companion can openly discuss anything that’s on your minds. Through my facilitation, we create a safe and nurturing space for these conversations to unfold.

Every question, concern, or curiosity is met with empathy, understanding, and the intention to strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of your companion’s thoughts, feelings, and desires? Companion Conversations offer you the opportunity to bridge the communication gap and foster a relationship built on mutual understanding, trust, and love.

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We gladly welcome e-transfers from our valued Canadian clients.

My conversation with you led me to a place to go inside and in a calm fashion get the spiritual help I needed. I think you said something about getting to a place where the love is greater than fear, and that is what I was able to do. In that place I could find my missing cat Tigger, and trust me the situation we were in was like finding a needle in a haystack. But we found him and it was a TOTAL miracle! 

Keri Davis

Let’s Talk About It

Book a session today and let’s open the door to a world where every meow, bark, or chirp carries meaning. Start your Companion Conversations journey today!