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A free-flowing co-creative experience that brings intention and openness for the best exploration of your inner self

Sacred Kinship

A Co-Creative Energy Exploration

Begin on a journey of self-discovery and illumination with personalized Energy Readings.

As we delve into the intricate tapestry of your being, experience a dynamic exchange between you and me, as we unveil the mysteries of your spiritual and emotional landscape These 1:1 readings are designed to foster a sense of collaboration, providing not just an energy assessment but a free-flowing experience that brings intention and openness for the best exploration of your inner self.

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Balance & Emowerment

Life is a journey filled with twists and turns, and at times, we may find ourselves seeking answers, navigating changes, or simply desiring alignment with our highest potential. My Energy Readings act as a participatory beacon, facilitating a back-and-forth dialogue that guides you toward self-awareness and expansion. These readings open up pathways to clarity, helping you understand the nuances of your energy and how it shapes your existence.

What to Expect from your Energy Reading

Imagine having the opportunity to get long-overdue answers to lingering questions, understanding the path your companion has taken in the spirit realm, and gaining insights into when your paths will intersect again. Picture asking for advice on any subject or simply deepening your understanding of your companion’s essence on a profound level. Spirit Connections opens the door to these transformative experiences.

Sacred Kinship

It was like she could see right into my soul (beyond all the stuff I was stuck in). Through her coaching, I was able to see, and feel the gifts I really do have. She was able to answer the questions I have had for so very long. Through Keri, I’ve learned to incorporate all of my senses, while paying more attention to my true feelings. I still don’t really know how Keri does it, but somehow she just knows you the way you’ve always wanted to know yourself. Through her gifts and knowledge she’s brought clarity into the chaos I called my life. I’m now able to make better choices in my life. For the first time in my life, I’m feeling connected instead of lost. Now I feel empowered to use my gifts and follow my hearts desires. I’ve been very fortunate in meeting Keri, and the benefits will last for a life time. I’m very thankful for every minute I was able to spend with her. Her insights are a treasure chest, and with her support I was able to finish the most important quest in my life -learning to move away from chaos and sadness to now living from a more peaceful, and fulfilling place . Thanks soo much Keri for being with me on this journey!

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Keri Davis

How I Can Be of Service

In our collaborative journey, I bring a unique blend of intuitive abilities, energy expertise, and genuine compassion to every reading. With years of experience, I have guided countless individuals on their journey to a more balanced and harmonious existence. Together, we open the gates for a free-flowing experience, fostering a dynamic interaction that goes beyond a mere energy report. Your active participation and openness create the foundation for the best co-creative exploration of your inner self.

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We gladly welcome e-transfers from our valued Canadian clients.

When I first came to Keri I felt completely disconnected and hopeless. Unable to even put those feelings into words, Keri intuitively knew and offered me hope and solutions. Working with Keri is better than having a lifelong best friend! With love, humour, and an honest, direct approach, Keri has helped me get focused on creating a better life for myself and given me the tools to do so! Her intuitive abilities and tangible exercises are helping me to resolve lifelong issues and finally create a life for myself that is hopeful and fulfilling. What Keri knows is that we all have the ability to experience a joyful and connected life and lovingly has the desire and ability to help us do so! It is no exaggeration to say she has saved my life!

Keri Davis

Your Journey to Balance Begins Here

Book your personalized Energy Reading with me today. Let me be your guide as you navigate the intricate landscape of your energy, uncovering the keys to a more balanced, harmonious, and fulfilling experience.