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Discovering My Calling As An Intuitive Mentor

Discovering My Calling As An Intuitive Mentor

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Keri Davis

Intuitive Energy Reader, Animal Communicator, Healer, and Quantum Physics Enthusiast

How 60 years of Earth school led to a deep understanding of intuition, animals, and the interconnectedness of all life.

Read the story of my transformative journey of becoming an Intuitive Mentor, blending my passion for animals, deep empathy, and scientific curiosity to foster profound connections and healing across all forms of life. 

When did you first know that being an Intuitive Mentor was your calling and how did it come about?

Wow, where to begin sharing something that is so multi-faceted and humbling – it is truly my soul’s journey.  It’s been a 60-year-long “earth school” experience, shaped by being highly sensitive and deeply empathetic. My heart has always been drawn to helping animals and people who feel lost, alone, and disconnected from their paths. Over time, I realized my innate intuition and empathy were my strengths. Through years of growth and learning to set healthier boundaries, I embraced my role as an intuitive mentor. This path feels like my true soul’s journey. 

As a lifelong learner and curious spirit, I was invited to ignite my inner power and explore the healing potential of deep, intuitive connections. Before helping others, I first needed to rescue myself, which was initiated and realized through my beloved dog, Mukluk. 

Keri Davis


Mukluk became a mirror, reflecting the toxic effects of my relationships and lifestyle choices. Realizing how my actions affected him made me aware of how poorly I was treating myself. 

This realization led me to delve deeply into various fields: quantum mechanics, energy modalities, trauma therapies, animal consciousness, and holistic health sciences. I earned a BA in holistic health sciences based on quantum physics, studied mind mapping, neurobiology, hypnosis, and multidimensional psychic and intuitive channeling readings. 

Like a mad scientist, I became fascinated with expanding awareness of the physics of consciousness and healing, and how interconnected we all are. Animals, in particular, have been my greatest teachers. For instance, I witnessed a veteran with severe PTSD experience immediate brainwave changes simply by being in the presence of a horse – achieving in minutes what years of protocols cold not. 

The more I learned, especially through the interactions between animals and their human companions, the more I realized the profound feedback loop that exists. When people experience shifts, their animals often mirror those changes. This illuminated for me how interconnected we all are, and how traumas, life events, and beliefs can either connect or disconnect us from each other. 

What services do you offer?

All my services are deeply entwined  and fueled by my passion for creating sacred connections across all forms of life. 

Animal Communication sessions

Listening Beyond Words – I invite you on a journey of profound connection with your beloved companions. In personalized 1:1 companion conversation, I bridge the gap between you and your pets, providing insights, understanding, and fostering a deeper bond. Whether navigating everyday interactions, addressing end-of-life decisions with compassion, or seeking spirit connections, I seek to offer a unique and empathetic channel for communication. 

Intuitive Mentoring

Connect to Your Intuition – My approach to Intuitive and Animal Communication Mentoring blends a diverse range of disciplines and cutting-edge techniques to help you harness the power of your intuition, telepathic skills, and healing abilities. I offer two unique options for intuitive mentoring: Quantum Animal Communication Class, and 1:1 Intuitive Mentorship

Energy Readings

A free-flowing co-creative experience that brings intention and openness for the best exploration of your inner self. As we delve into the intricate tapestry of your being, experience a dynamic exchange between you and me, as we unveil the mysteries of your spiritual and emotional landscape These 1:1 readings are designed to foster a sense of collaboration, providing not just an energy assessment but a free-flowing experience that brings intention and openness for the best exploration of your inner self.

What exactly are Energy Readings?

As a multifaceted intuitive, Energy Reader, Healer, Mentor, and Life Coach, I specialize in offering personalized mentoring and intuitive insights while co-creating a safe space tailored to support you. I help you transcend self-imposed limits and explore infinite possibilities to truly hear the rhythm of your own heart and soul. Each journey is unique, embracing a harmonious dance between “being” with a dash of “doing.”

What does it mean to be an Intuitive Mentor?

Being an intuitive mentor means embarking on a sacred journey that brings together my heart and soul to support my soul family. It involves creating deep, sacred connections with other sensitive individuals on the path of life. As an intuitive mentor, I blend science and spirituality, demystifying the unseen world of energy where quantum physics intersects with intuition. This approach makes the abstract and often misunderstood aspects of energy work accessible and grounded. 

Each mentoring experience is unique, tailored to the individual who seeks guidance. I aim to provide personalized support, helping you navigate your own journey with clarity and confidence. My role is to extend a hand, offering intuitive insights and a safe space for exploration and growth. Ultimately, being an intuitive mentor is about fostering a profound connection that helps you truly hear and follow the rhythm of your own heart and soul. 

How do you manage to establish a deep connection with animals in order to communicate with them? 

Animals hear with their hearts, feel with their bodies and interpret with their senses. It is not our words that animals respond to, they pick up the intention, or feeling, behind the words. Often, we say one thing but an animal hears something else entirely. These mixed messages can be very confusing. Similarly, animals are instinctual beings, but we impose on them our human rules and expect them to understand and comply. We learn a lot about ourselves through connecting with the subtle energies of animals.

To establish a deep connection with animals and communicate with them, I’ve learned that animals are profound teachers, and the key lies in understanding our own boundaries and energy. It’s not about being perfect but about recognizing our own pain and discomfort so we can distinguish it from that of the animal. 

Creating a safe space for animals and humans to feel heard, seen, and validated is essential. Imagine a stranger invading your personal space, bombarding you with questions without giving you time to respond. You wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe sharing intimately in that environment. Similarly, animals need a respectful and open space to connect and communicate. We are all interconnected within our environment, much like fish in the same tank. Our energies influence each other, and understanding this dynamic is crucial for meaningful interaction. 

Our connection with animals is a feedback loop, where we receive information and potential through our energy exchange. Science shows that we are predominantly energy, with only a tiny fraction being matter. This means that our interactions are largely about reading and responding to the energy around us.  

Enhance your connection with animals and all life forms following these steps!

1. Relax your mind

Avoid overthinking. Close your eyes and bring awareness into your body. If you feel disconnected due to trauma, seek professional help for integration. 

2. Heart-centered breathing

Take three deep breaths from your  heart, smiling if you can. Exhale slowly to reset your nervous system, engaging the vagal nerve for healing. 

3. Visualize a Light Vortex

Picture a beautiful light vortex or waterfall above your head. Let your intuition guide the color and feel of this light. 

4. Expand the Vortex

Envision this light expanding through your body and around you. Adjust its size and strength as needed, moving it to areas that need it most. 

5. Increase the Light

Adjust the intensity of the light to a level that feels best for you, anywhere between 1 to 100.

6. Observe Feedback

Notice how your energy shift affects those around you, especially animals. They often respond positively to changes in our frequency and amplitude. Remember, the goal isn’t to fix anyone but to create a welcoming and supportive space.

What do you love most about your profession? 

What I love most about my profession is the deep sense of gratitude I feel for all the beautiful souls I’ve connected with and grown alongside over the past 30 years. I cherish the freedom to explore, learn, and grow continuously. As a lifelong student, I’ve come to realize that the more I learn, the more I discover how much there is still to know. 

We all experience the various seasons of life, and I’ve learned to honor each moment, especially during times of transition. My profession has taught me humility, as I’ve faced my own pain and challenges and used those experiences to support others in theirs. It’s incredibly rewarding to help others navigate their journeys and explore new possibilities if they choose to.

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Keri Davis

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