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Beingness and Simplicity in Animal Communication and Healing

Beingness and Simplicity in Animal Communication and Healing

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Keri Davis

Intuitive Energy Reader, Animal Communicator, Healer, and Quantum Physics Enthusiast

Over the past two decades, my journey in animal communication and healing has been a remarkable exploration of the less-is-more philosophy.

In a world that often encourages us to do more, fix more, and know more, I’ve found that a profound shift happens when we embrace the state of ‘Beingness.’ In this blog post, I’ll share my experiences and insights into the transformative practice of creating a space to receive, allowing true healing to unfold organically.

People and animals come to us typically when they are having problems, right? Our rescue archetypes typically want to take over, fix and solve ALL their problems in an allotted amount of time.

More is not better

We often are too busy trying to hear, see, feel, taste or know the solution; or we are distracted by “the 7 steps to animal communication protocol,” that we have a tendency to miss the subtle energies of the communication period – where the jewel lives!

After many years of trial and error, especially while doing lost animal work, I have witnessed profound changes when creating a “safe space to receive,” without my ego wanting to solve and control the outcome and fill in the how, what, where, and when.


This state is best described as “Beingness.” It is like going for coffee with your best friend who is experiencing a life altering change. We are not there to fix, solve, and tell him/her what to do. Instead, just BE within the field, to hold space for them, allowing our divine guidance, higher self, higher knowing, angels( or whatever that is for you) to come through organically – without your own projections and belief systems taking over. The Penthouse View – instead of the basement.

This allows the purity of true healing and transformation from within – in its own timeline, not ours. As a culture we are addicted to instant gratification.

This is where my own journey of true healing developed and transformed. 

Welcome to the space of “BE DO BE”

This happens when we can let go of the clutter, thought-forms and beliefs around what we call our protocol, and truly learn to TRUST, SURRENDER and allow for DEEP listening. It is a life-changing practice and feels very counterintuitive at first, which brings up huge vulnerability.

However, it is NOT just waiting for an answer either. It’s a dance between playing in the space while being open to infinite possibilities, without an agenda. This can be similar to finally letting go of our grip on our partner after many years of struggling to have them see and hear our way. Instead, we choose to let go with love and surrender. Many times this is when we truly witness profound shifts within our relationships. 

a practice

Our brains are only capable of focusing on one thing at a time. Even if you think you are multitasking, you are not! If you don’t believe me, try to circle your one foot in the air and at the same time write your name with your other hand, within the space in front of you.

What are you focused on?

When we create the space to receive new possibilities, we experience those “aha” moments which we tend to call miracles.

Animals love that space, to be free, to be them, and not to be intertwined into our human rules, confines, thought-forms and BELIEF systems.

Infusing Science into Consciousness

Branching into the study of quantum physics, neuroplasticity and mind-mapping has confirmed this theory. Science now can measure the effects the field has on us – not the field directly. My brain was measured in this “state of receiving.” It is amazing to understand, we are all a conduit for this type of communication. It is creating a space to achieve a coherent field to receive.

Through the eyes of quantum physics, we call this “the waves of possibilities.” Think of the field (space) of infinite possibilities, as waves of vibration (song). What we put our focus on collapses the waves into what we call a particle – that is what we call manifestation. What is your focus on? If you don’t like your radio station, do you wait for it to change by itself, or do you tune into a new frequency?

If you are drawn to learn more, and this truly resonates with you, I’m here for you in the field of all possibilities!

Keri Davis

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