Sacred Kinship

Intuitive Mentorship, Animal Communication & Energy Readings

Reconnect with your soul, the animal kingdom and all life.

Sacred Kinship


Awaken a shared spiritual essence with all life.

Embark on a profound journey of interconnectedness, where intuitive mentorship, animal communication, and energy readings converge to illuminate your path towards soulful harmony and deeper understanding. Transform your life and embrace interconnectedness on a profound level with these services:


Embrace a life filled with heightened intuition, empowered healing, and a profound understanding of yourself and the world around you.


Embark on a journey of communication and connection with your cherished animal companion.
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Opening up pathways to clarity, helping you understand the nuances of your energy and how it shapes your existence.
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unlock the mysteries of communication that transcends species boundaries

Quantum Animal Communication Class

Quantum Animal Communication is for people that have the desire to understand the inner workings of how our wiring connects us to the flow and ability to communicate with animals using your mind, senses, and neurobiology

I cannot find enough words to express the gratitude and admiration I feel for Keri. I can’t begin to define her gifts, knowledge and sensitivity, extraordinary intuitive insight and empowering mentoring style. It’s like from the first meeting she saw who I was deep into my being and from then has been helping me, sometimes proactively, to draw out the essence of me. I now look back with a smile realizing she never actually gave me protocols or a hand up, rather pushing it back on me to find the authentic place in myself; and always with a gleeful chuckle and witty comment. Everything about our time together is so real, such a connection between the inner and outer world.

Keri Davis

Sacred Kinship

A snapshot of my life’s work and personal journey

It is dedicated to my beloved dog, life partner, and teacher, Mukluk. I call him my little Wizard. Even though he couldn’t see or hear, he lived life FULL OUT. He taught me all about energy healing, deep listening, unconditional love, exploration, and never giving up! I miss you bud!

Keri Davis

Your Intuitive Guide to Transformation

Meet Keri Davis

Awaken a shared spiritual essence with all life.

Keri Davis, a seasoned Intuitive Energy Reader, Animal Communicator, Healer, and Quantum Physics Enthusiast, brings over 30 years of expertise to her transformative work.

Certified in Neurochange, Rapid Transformational Therapy, and holding a BA in Holistic Health Sciences, she seamlessly merges science and consciousness to help individuals reconnect with their intuitive nature and personal power. Beyond her work, she is a dedicated advocate for animal welfare, actively volunteering with the SPCA and supporting various causes for special needs individuals.

Embrace the Power of Transformation

Experience the profound guidance of Keri Davis, where her wealth of expertise, intuitive abilities, and nurturing support come together to ignite the dormant gifts within you.